The marijuana market offers investors a significant opportunity, but not every marijuana stock will be a smart investment. Read on to learn more about trading cannabis shares successfully.

Understanding the business of medical marijuana

Medicinal cannabis is the extensive term for cannabis products that have been legally cultivated for medical purposes. This can include medical-grade herbal products or cleansed pharmaceuticals from extracts of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Medical marijuana industry is blooming today. There are 29 states that allow doctors to prescribe cannabis for medical purposes. Total legal sales of cannabis were about $10 billion in 2017, and are expected to grow to $24.5 billion by 2021, according to reports.

In January, California became the largest state in the U.S. to allow its residents to use marijuana for recreation, with a market of nearly $4 billion in 2018, according to reports.


An important part of investor’s portfolio

No matter if, we are talking about Amazon, Google or Aurora Cannabis Inc. a stock is a stock. Here at A3Trading, you can trade cannabis shares the same way that you are investing in Apple shares, for example.

Investing, whether it’s in marijuana stocks or anything else means you are giving your money to a company or product in the hope that they will be successful so you can reap a profit. The idea is to create long-term wealth with your investments.

An effective investment strategy will encourage you to invest in strong companies who show promise. Here, at A3Trading we offer some of the “best performing” companies on the market.

Remember, when you are trading cannabis shares, you are not buying or selling the actual product but investing in the shares of the company that deals with medical marijuana.


A comprehensive training

For those who are completely new to trading marijuana stocks, we at A3Trading offer a comprehensive training for the very beginners.  You can learn everything about trading cannabis shares with the help of a real expert.

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